Issue ID 004924:
PriorityNot set
CategoryHero Siege - Online multiplayer
Summarymy main character is gone
Descriptioni went to try the beta but i didnt like it so i went back to the normal one. when i came back the character that was in the place of the one i made in the beta was gone. that was my main character so it would be nice to get it back.
Created2019-06-03 02:45:19
Updated2019-06-03 02:57:31
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UkZone (reporter)
2019-06-03 02:57:31
all my blue and red crystals are gone too. same with my gold
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2019-06-03 02:45:19UkZoneNew issue
2019-06-03 02:57:31UkZoneAdded note 001692
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