Issue ID 004922:
PriorityNot set
CategoryHero Siege - Online multiplayer
Summarylost all itens bought with rubies in the oficial game after changing to try the beta
Descriptioni changed to the beta version a few days ago to try it. Since i didnt enjoyed the state the beta was i changed back to the stable version but i noticed that all the costumes the i bought with rubies that i farmed playing the game were gone. i dont want to farm all the way again just to enjoy the costumes that i already had after playing the game since its launch on steam so id apreciate if you could return those back to me.
Created2019-06-02 21:30:39
Updated2019-06-02 21:31:48
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Aeromyr (reporter)
2019-06-02 21:31:48
also the event costumes are gone too
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