Issue ID 004906:
PriorityNot set
CategoryHero Siege - Online multiplayer
SeverityNot set
SummaryLost equipment
DescriptionI put my satanic cap in to the stash.Than I want to change the charter to put on the cap. But I cant find my cap in the stash!!!This crazy thing happened twice!My cap is very important for me.How can I find my cap? Can you fix this bug?
Created2019-05-17 05:54:05
Updated2019-05-17 05:56:45
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hzl2010 (reporter)
2019-05-17 05:56:45
I LOST TWO RED Satanic CAP in the stash.
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2019-05-17 05:54:05hzl2010New issue
2019-05-17 05:56:45hzl2010Added note 001689
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