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CategoryHero Siege - Coop
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SummaryP1 xp lvl requirements are much lower than p2 in Local Co-Op
DescriptionPlaying local co-op causes a spread in xp required to level up each player. Lower levels the spread is minimal and many times not visible as an xp requirement difference. As both players level, the gap becomes much larger.In the first image is something closer to what is expected. Both need an xp amount that seems reasonable of their levels to go to the next. However in images 2-4 there are large spreads in the xp requirements. The last example is the most extreme I had easy access to. P1 is 3 levels ahead of P2 and needs 22.6k LESS to level up than P2 needs. ----------------------------First ExampleNecromancerP1: lvl 75 - 214.1k to lvl upVikingP2: lvl 74 - 325.4k to lvl upViking needs 111.3k MORE xp to get to lvl 75 than Necromancer needs to get to level 76----------------------------Second ExampleWhite MageP1: Lvl 71 - 186.9k to lvl upDemonSpawnP2: Lvl 70 - 202.7k to lvl upDemonSpawn needs 15.8k MORE to get to lvl 71 than White Mage needs to get to leel 72----------------------------Third ExamplePaladin P1: Lvl 34 - 38.8k to lvl upPirateP2: Lvl 31 - 61.4k to lvl upPirate needs 22.6k MORE xp to get to level 32 than Paladin needs to get to level 35----------------------------Images can be found in this imgur post. seems that there is a bug someplace in the code that occasionally requires P2 to get double the xp to level up. This makes a huge difference when playing Local Co-op only. Player 1 has to be the melee class as P2 quickly falls below the level that is effective. This also causes issues with loot as P1 causes drops above the level of P2 by many levels. This further reduces the effectiveness of P2 in the party as the gear they are wearing is often 10-20 levels out of date.
Created2018-12-28 18:10:07
Updated2018-12-28 18:10:43
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BlueDogArcholite (reporter)
2018-12-28 18:10:42
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