Issue ID 004773:
PriorityNot set
CategoryHero Siege - General
SummarySnowball Relic is bugged
Error messagenone
DescriptionThe relic snowball is bugged. You need to throw the snowball and hit enemies for a quest called Snow Fight! If you activate the relic with E the snowball appears over your head but its not thrown away in any direction. The Relic goes on cool down. You can activate the relic over and over again but the snowball stays over your head. After you replaced the relic, the snowball contains to stay there. So you cant progress in the winter quest event. :(Furthermore you cant accept the 2nd very first quest when you start a new character where you have to talk to all people in town because the candy cane quest is blocking the quest giver.
Created2018-12-28 12:30:43
Updated2018-12-28 12:30:43
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2018-12-28 12:30:43GrekiNew issue
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