Issue ID 004766:
PriorityNot set
CategoryHero Siege - Online multiplayer
Summaryamazon envenom bug
Descriptionso tested on dummy and on map envenom description is either wrong or skill is bugged as descri shows 3x dmg on all poison dmg extra value where when tested on dummy without envenom im doing from 8 to 15 k dmg depends on poison poops but when using envenom dmg is max 4.5k than tested it on map and wh3n used envenom is poisoning every enemy in range and deals stated extra valuewhich for me is 30 and its right when looking on 3nemy hp but its overstacking on normal.poison and changing dmg there is no 3x all poison dmg at all dmg so like i said either description is wrong and envenom is doing aoe poisoning with set value ( but its bugged anyway as its going on top of normal poison and its decreasing dmg mqking it almost none ) or skill is bugged totally
Created2018-12-26 05:48:42
Updated2018-12-26 05:48:42
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2018-12-26 05:48:42zwirek1993New issue
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