Issue ID 004741:
PriorityNot set
CategoryHero Siege - Singleplayer
SummaryAmazon thunder spear crashing game on damage
Error message___________________________________________FATAL ERROR inaction number 1of Alarm Event for alarm 0for object Amazon_Storm_obj:Push :: Execution Error - Variable Index 0,3 out of range 1,3 - 481.unknown variable(100226,3)at gml_Script_load_talent_damage--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------stack frame isgml_Script_load_talent_damage (line -1)gml_Object_Amazon_Storm_obj_Alarm_0
DescriptionStarted game up after a week or so pick my amazon to play with hit level loads up hit left trigger for thunder spear and threw a spear when it hit the game crashed. Attempted with other abilities thats the only one causing the crash. attempted with different skill point levels on it thinking last time I played I picked something up that is breaking the damage level somehow as the crash mentions damage still crashes even with one tic of skill points in it.
Created2018-12-20 23:29:44
Updated2018-12-20 23:29:44
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2018-12-20 23:29:44Zero-RNew issue
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