Issue ID 004699:
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CategoryHero Siege - Online multiplayer
SummaryFull crash (requires terminating process) for (B) when host loads two zones in quick succession.
Error messageFATAL ERROR inaction number 1of Alarm Event for alarm 3for object Summon_Golem_obj:Unable to find any instance for object index 1451 name Player_Ghost_objat gml_Object_Summon_Golem_obj_Alarm_3--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------stack frame isgml_Object_Summon_Golem_obj_Alarm_3 (line -1)
Description100 Duplication Rate for me when following these steps. 4/4 attempts Host is referred to as (A). Connected client is referred to as (B).(A) is a Summoner with the Necronomicon affix. They have 6 Maulers, 4 Mages and 2 Legions summoned. (B) so far has been tested with Pirate and Shaman. (A) sets difficulty to Toxic. Clear enough of a level to summon and kill a boss. Act 1-3 worked for this test. After boss is dead, dont take portal to next stage, town portal instead. Have (B) open up their talent menu Replicated 1/1 time without menu open. Once in town, have (A) return via the town portal. He will spawn on the open staage portal and start loading the next zone, possibly before (B) has finished loading the current one. (B) will crash. This crash doesnt work while set to normal difficulty. Feel free to contact me if you have difficulties reproducing.
Created2018-12-06 21:30:22
Updated2018-12-06 21:31:26
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Cyrik (reporter)
2018-12-06 21:31:26
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