Issue ID 004590:
CategoryHero Siege - General
SummaryGame crashes after 5mins in wormholes, havent tried normal.
Error message___________________________________________FATAL ERROR inaction number 1of Alarm Event for alarm 0for object Turret_Multi_obj:Unable to find any instance for object index 204088at gml_Object_Turret_Multi_obj_Alarm_0--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------stack frame isgml_Object_Turret_Multi_obj_Alarm_0 (line -1)
DescriptionSo today I have been experiencing some issues with Hero Siege whenever I try to do a wormhole after 5mins or so the game crashes and gives me a error code. I havent tried normal ACTS. But I have tried re-installing the game, the crash still consists after fresh install.Thankyou.
Created2018-10-03 00:04:10
Updated2018-10-12 08:14:40
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Issue history:
Date modifiedUserAction
2018-10-03 00:04:10YoshiouNew issue
2018-10-12 08:14:38JussiChanged status to: Resolved
2018-10-12 08:14:40JussiChanged priority to: High
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