Issue ID 004576:
PriorityVery High
CategoryHero Siege - Singleplayer
SeverityNot set
SummaryMy Demonspawn duplicated over My viking
DescriptionAfter updating 2.40, my Demonspawn was copied on my Vikings, and the Vikings disappeared directly. This is terrible.
Created2018-09-19 11:44:33
Updated2018-09-24 06:32:37
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2018-09-19 13:11:50
Did this issue happen yesterday? I have since patched the game to fix it from happening. Can you PM me on Discord about this? You can find me on the Hero Siege server by name Jussi.
shese (reporter)
2018-09-19 17:05:19
Yes, it happened Viking was in slot 1 and my Demonspawn was is slot 14.But how can I confirm the patch?

2018-09-20 06:21:43
You can confirm it by verifying game files from the properties menu in Steam.
shese (reporter)
2018-09-21 15:46:57
Thank you, my problem has been solved.
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Issue history:
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2018-09-19 11:44:33sheseNew issue
2018-09-19 13:11:50JussiAdded note 001638
2018-09-19 13:11:54JussiChanged status to: Acknowledged
2018-09-19 13:11:56JussiChanged priority to: Very High
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2018-09-19 17:05:19sheseAdded note 001640
2018-09-20 06:21:43JussiAdded note 001642
2018-09-21 15:46:57sheseAdded note 001645
2018-09-24 06:32:38JussiChanged status to: Resolved
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