Issue ID 004574:
PriorityVery High
CategoryHero Siege - General
Summarymy nomad duplicated over my viking
Descriptionmy nomad duplicated over my Viking, so I have lost my Viking and have 2 nomads now
Created2018-09-18 11:52:39
Updated2018-09-20 06:44:34
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2018-09-18 12:23:14
Is this in singleplayer? Which slot was the Viking in?
Nicklas21 (reporter)
2018-09-19 10:42:54
yes it was in singleplayer, my Viking was in slot 1 and my nomad was is slot 8

2018-09-19 13:12:43
Can you PM me on Discord about this? You can find me from the Hero Siege server by name Jussi.
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