Issue ID 004508:
CategoryHero Siege - Online multiplayer
SummaryDying istantly in town, dungeons and wormholes
DescriptionWhen I join a lobby of a friend, I istantly die and after revived i keep dying and i cant move beacuse it is matter of millisecond before he die again.This happens in the lobby, in the dungeons and in the wormhole. Pls help, ive leaved the game 3 months ago beacuse of this and this is still happening. FIX!
Created2018-08-03 16:10:07
Updated2018-08-06 07:31:35
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2018-08-06 07:31:35
I suspect youre referring to your non season character PORCODDIO? It seems your items stamina values have grown too high for the game to understand so Ill have to lower some of them to make the character playable again.
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