Issue ID 004208:
PriorityNot set
CategoryHero Siege - Online multiplayer
Summarythe wormhole lvl 1278
Descriptionwhenever there is more than one player in the public or private server the wormhole level will spawn at level 1278 independant of the hero wormhole level once i was with a firend who was lvl 150(148) and i was 150(0) and the wormhole opened that level, a nother time i was with someone else who was the same lvl as me 150(0) and the wormhole opened at lvl1278 and i dont know why, and the monsters were way to strong to fight since we couldnt do any damage to them and would get oneshot.
Created2018-02-13 23:39:38
Updated2018-02-13 23:39:38
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2018-02-13 23:39:40frikupNew issue
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