Issue ID 004204:
PriorityNot set
CategoryHero Siege - Online multiplayer
SummaryNecromancer Meat Wagon causes MASSIVE Lag for all Players
DescriptionIssue occurs when using my necromancer with either a Satanic Helm or Chest piece that has the Meat Wagon gear synergy (triples bits created by Meat Bomb). Every single time the Meat Bomb is used while the Meat Wagon gear is equipped there is a huge sustained lag spike for the entire duration of the animation which takes several seconds to play out due to the lag. Framerate goes from stable 60fps to 3-14fps for the length of the attack. Every player in the session is affected by the lag just as severely as well, not just me. It nearly brings the game to a halt for everyone at higher difficulties.In terms of how to reproduce, I think its just a matter of equipping any helm/chest featuring Meat Wagon. When the Meat Wagon gear is unequipped the issue is gone. My char is currently lvl 150, Hlvl 11, Meat Bomb Talent is at 238 from gear/runes and the issue makes the gear/talent completely unusable together. Issue was apparent at earlier levels, tho is certainly getting worse at higher levels.Created issue instead of ticket since affects all players in session regardless if Im hosting
Created2018-02-09 13:18:11
Updated2018-02-09 13:21:07
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7H3 D4RK 0N3 (reporter)
2018-02-09 13:21:07
Affected System Specs:i7 6700kAsus Strix GTX 1080ti16Gb 3200Mhz DDR4 RamSamsung 850 NVMe M.2 SSDWin 10 x64 ProOwned via Steam
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2018-02-09 13:18:117H3 D4RK 0N3New issue
2018-02-09 13:21:077H3 D4RK 0N3Added note 001579
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