Issue ID 000042:
PriorityNot set
CategoryHero Siege - Online multiplayer
SummaryGoing into Dungeon after boss is ready allows for 6 more wave levels
Error messageNo errors, just able to get more wave levels without errors
DescriptionWhen every monster is cleared out and you can go into the boss level (End Act boss) going into a dungeon (In my case Shop as i know that triggers this issue) you will get another 6 waves when you come out as the map is reset.1: Reach Wave 30 on Act 1 (Boss Lair open)2: Go into a Dungeon/Shop3: Exit it again4: Now you will have 6 more waves (51boss) before the Boss lair is open (Wave 36)Video that shows it: think this is possible on every Act from what ive tried.
Created2015-09-28 17:05:15
Updated2015-09-28 17:05:15
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2015-09-28 17:05:15Spir83New issue
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