Issue ID 004144:
PriorityNot set
CategoryHero Siege - Singleplayer
SummaryAnkh Relic use fails to apply equipped stats.
DescriptionTwice while playing local multiplayer I got the Ankh relic which brings you back when you die. The first time it was used, I noticed that my movement speed was severely reduced, and I seemed to die again far too quickly.The second time, I was able to go to the stats screen to confirm my suspicions. NONE of the stat bonuses from my equipped gear were being applied. (Screenshot A: I quickly teleported back to town before I was killed. The transition appeared to reapply my missing bonuses. (Screenshot B: times I was playing as White Mage in Act 3. The second time I was fighting Anubis.Steps for reproduction for me were to acquire the Ankh relic, then take fatal damage. 100 success rate of two times.
Created2018-01-02 15:11:27
Updated2018-01-02 15:11:27
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2018-01-02 15:11:27CyrikNew issue
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