Issue ID 004141:
CategoryHero Siege - Singleplayer
SeverityNot set
StatusAssigned to Esko
SummaryI cant log im my account
Error messageYour account password has been reset for security reasons. Please use our forgot password option to create a new password.I cant log in my acount henry.
DescriptionI am trying to log into my account henry 3 hours ago only a message appears, I checked my 2 emails but none had a message for me to retrieve my password or something, I had to create this account to be able to report this problem, I hope they can solve the problem if you want to send a message about the problem call me in these 2 emails or
Created2017-12-30 23:33:42
Updated2018-01-12 11:53:53
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Issue history:
Date modifiedUserAction
2017-12-30 23:33:44EmillyNew issue
2018-01-12 11:53:51JussiChanged status to: Assigned to Esko
2018-01-12 11:53:53JussiChanged priority to: High
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