Issue ID 004061:
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CategoryHero Siege - Online multiplayer
SummaryMe and my friend picked up my accidentally dropped Mythic at the same time and now its gone.
DescriptionI had a mythic-tier bow that Ive forgotten the name of but it looked like it was made of ice. I was quickly clearing out my inventory before fighting Anubis and I accidentally dropped my bow. My friend assumed that anything that I dropped was no longer of any use to me so he instinctively picked it up. The thing is that I also rushed to pick it back up at the same time, and when checking our inventories the bow was in neither - nor was it in our stashes or on the floor.Im not sure if this has happened to anyone else but it really sucks because that was my first mythical weapon. If anyone has any information on why this may have occurred or if any of the devs can check the logs or whatever to see what happened / confirm my story.Thanks.(P.S I am aware that it could have been stolen, but this was my close friend and I honestly doubt that they would intentionally steal from me - especially since they are a White Mage and I am a Marksman)
Created2017-11-13 22:06:07
Updated2017-11-13 22:06:07
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2017-11-13 22:06:07iPenguinzNew issue
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