Issue ID 004057:
PriorityNot set
CategoryHero Siege - Online multiplayer
SummaryPicked up an item which was dropped by a friend -- got error -- next day got ban
Error messageERROR inaction number 1of Async Event: Networkingfor object Client_obj:Attempting to read from outside the buffer, returning 0at gml_Script_ServerReadData--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------stack frame isgml_Script_ServerReadData (line 0)gml_Object_Client_obj_Other_68
Description// i write this with a new account since my old one got banned //// Account with the issue: Kyojin //I already submit an issue a few month ago but without any response.Recently i saw a few players with the same/similar issue as i had and thought ill give it one more try.As earlier mentioned i played with a friend who was way higher than me, he dropped me some items and after a few seconds i got this error.Since this happend i get the message that i got banned because of cheating.I would be sooo happy if u could atleast answer my Issue this time.Sincerely, Kyojin
Created2017-11-12 16:37:15
Updated2017-11-12 16:37:15
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2017-11-12 16:37:16domdom09New issue
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