Issue ID 004038:
PriorityNot set
CategoryHero Siege - Online multiplayer
SeverityNot set
Summaryserver bug
Descriptionin 1 game have: me have 2800 WH solo level and my level is 150(154) and 2 new player i never play with before with 70, 83 level (no hero level). after go to ACT VII-5, 1 player left. another player dissapear from list of player in the room. then HP, level of all mobs scale by my level. i can open WH portal, go to WH and WH level is my solo WH lv. another player with lv 83 can go WH with me(dont need lv 150 to access WH) and still get exp, pick item(item droped scale by my level), res me,...i think after go to act, if 1 player left, sever think all player left but they still here and play normaly. i dont know it will happen if have 4 player in room or not.
Created2017-10-27 19:14:29
Updated2017-10-27 19:14:29
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2017-10-27 19:14:29beeikjoNew issue
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