Issue ID 004033:
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CategoryHero Siege - General
SeverityNot set
SummaryPumpkin King Quest kicks in Act4 zone2
DescriptionI am playing a HC Seasonal character and I had just began today. While doing the pumpkins quests, I discovered that the Kill the Pumpkin King quest essentially disabled Act 4 Zone 2. Whenever I attempt to enter it (whether through Inoya, or zone 1) it goes to a black screen and after about 30 seconds, it kicks me back to the menu. Lobby for MP, main menu for SP. Ive managed to reproduce it multiple times. The only thing thats caused it is that quest.
Created2017-10-26 21:08:48
Updated2017-10-26 23:41:27
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Saylus_ex (reporter)
2017-10-26 23:41:27
Update: It is only Zone 2
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