Issue ID 003967:
PriorityVery High
CategoryHero Siege - Online multiplayer
SummaryHero Siege Account Deleted!
DescriptionHello there,after a long time of not playing the game I tried to log back in today but it says that my password or account name is incorrect. So if I try to reset my password or forgot account name it say that my e-mail address is not in use but I noted all my account details and everything Ive entered is correct.My previous Account name was Rheccon with the email address I had only 1 multiplayer character, a maximum lvl Pyromancer. Please help me out!
Created2017-09-13 21:13:32
Updated2017-11-09 21:03:25
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Rhecon (reporter)
2017-09-30 16:20:24
Still waiting for an answer :I

2017-10-05 14:46:44
Hi. I searched for your account and found it based on your description. Except that the email of the account seems to be, not With that email address you should be able to recover your lost password :)
Rhecon (reporter)
2017-10-05 16:24:13
Hey,thanks you very much for helping me out! But now theres another problem. I do not own the email, so that means when I created this account I typed a wrong email address. What can I do now?
Rhecon (reporter)
2017-10-05 16:26:32
Also this email address doesnt even exist. I just tried it on
2017-11-09 21:03:24
I have the login of my account, but my character is not there, I enter much times but dont show my character, on my steam account you can see the achivement of my level. Please, help me.
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