Issue ID 003781:
PriorityNot set
CategoryHero Siege - Online multiplayer
SummaryWas doing a Wormhole, died revived with the Ankh relic and then got stuck.
DescriptionI was doing a wormhole and then when I died the Ankh relic revived me then threw me into an area where I was stuck, not outside the map still inside of it but into a little gap where I couldnt get out, only way was to save and quit, but reporting this to make sure it doesnt happen to people in important times etc. I cannot upload images here so this is a link to an image of where it teleported me to.
Created2017-07-13 17:19:40
Updated2017-07-13 17:19:40
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2017-07-13 17:19:40WorstbrandNew issue
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