Issue ID 000298:
PriorityNot set
CategoryHero Siege - General
SummarySwitching back and forth from the game to another application, disable some non-alphanumeric keys.
DescriptionHi,If, I switch to another application window, and coming back to the game, the enter key and other non-alphanumeric keys are not recognized anymore by the game.Strangely, ESC and Alt Tab are still recognized correctly.I need to restart the game for all keyboard keys to be recognized again. Environment OS: Fedora Linux 31Gaming platform: SteamDesktop Environment: XFCE Step to reproduce 1. Start the game2. Use Alt Tab to switch to another application or the desktop3. Use Alt Tab, again, or the mouse, to switch back to Hero Siege.4. Try to use the enter/return key to validate a character during character creation or use a minus sign in any editing field. Expected result The key pressed should trigger an action. Result seen Nothing happens, like the key as not been pressed.Regards.
Created2020-01-02 20:14:13
Updated2020-01-02 20:14:13
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2020-01-02 20:14:14montaropdfNew issue
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