Issue ID 000029:
CategoryHero Siege - General
SummaryAct 2 skipped due a bug
DescriptionI had this happen to me once. Havent been able to make sure if it happens always, sorry.This bug happened in the 2nd or 3rd area of the act 2. I opened a way to one of those dungeons that are sealed by locked gate and before going in I cleared all the waves in the on-going area (meaning all the way to boss) In the end I had both dungeon trap door open and the portal open to the next area of the act. At this moment I went down to the dungeon instead of the next area, because I wanted to know what would happen once I come back from the dungeon, more specifically I wanted to know if I can kill all the enemies again all the way to the boss wave.Instead, once I surfaced from the cleared dungeon, (it was shop if I recall correctly, for all that it matters) I had that next wave message on the screen immediately and I went ahead and checked what happens if I call the next wave... what happened was I got bunch of health shrines and statues appear (like they tend to appear at the start of the wave) but I faced against no enemies.. I got few chests as well until after couple more next wave presses I got a message saying something about crypt or dungeon being opened, so I went around looking for a way to get in side this crypt not knowing that it means the act last boss area! I didnt find anything interesting so at this moment I used the blue portal that takes me to next area... it was all very strange but it got even stranger when I got to next area of the act and immediately before fighting against anything I was taken to the new area that I was not familiar with, which ended up being the boss area... so I had effectively gotten free chests/health shrines/other things that appear in the start of the wave and skipped the whole area if not more than only 1 area by using this never ending next wave bug.Thats pretty much what happened, hope I succeed in explaining the issue in good enough detail for you guys to work on it.
Created2015-09-24 20:03:46
Updated2015-09-28 12:52:30
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Jubanen (reporter)
2015-09-24 20:07:32
Ah yes I guess I forgot to mention that when the next wave prompt appeared in the screen there was a next wave in 0 seconds but it didnt go down from there (uh not like you can go down from 0...) and I could press B for next wave multiple times and it was always 0 seconds.
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