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CategoryHero Siege - Online multiplayer
SummaryDissapearing relics
DescriptionAs the description says my relics dissapeared, it was something like this: Someone enters to my game I mean the multiplayer room I created to play, once he entered all flying relics went to him and dissapeared from my character, he died, I entered a dungeon, the relics come back, the Dungeon drops me two relics, and now I think what? this is impossible I have 40 relics so I pick up the relic and my activable relic dissapears, the next thing to do is double check my relics, so I press start and all my relics were gone I know is a recurrent problem so please fix it, I spent a fairly amount of hours grinding for the gold and the relics (Sorry for the bad english not my native languaje)
Created2016-07-06 02:34:03
Updated2016-07-15 15:50:48
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2016-07-15 15:50:48
Interesting note: In multiplayer I lost 16hrs of collected relics like this: We killed diablo and I entered portal, meanwhile my friend got killed by lava while I was in portal. When the new map loaded my relics was gone.
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