Issue ID 002048:
PriorityNot set
CategoryHero Siege - Online multiplayer
SeverityNot set
SummaryLow damage on Pirate when playing as a client through the public server.
DescriptionTested in a wormhole level both as a client and as a host. No gear changes or WH level change between tests. The other player was just leeching and didnt affect the test in any way. The build used was energy/strength hybrid using maxed Bomb Barrage, Parrot and Exploding shots (over caped with gear all the way to 100 proc chance). Only trigger relic used was butchers knife and titans gladius found on destruction difficulty. Used a weapon with 1,75k aspd and a butchers knife like modifier. The difference in ability to clear the monsters is really clear and pretty much forces the Pirate player to be a host.If I had to give some guesses either all the exploding shot procs flying out at high rate do not deal damage or some damage just gets discarded for some reason. Could also be the Titans Gladius working differently when playing as a host/client.
Created2016-05-14 07:06:32
Updated2016-05-21 15:07:38
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K0rkki (reporter)
2016-05-21 15:07:38
Might have something to do with the razor wire bug as my character seems to have that one aswell. If it does then Im guessing the razor wire boss insta kill bug happens only in single player and when playing as a host in multiplayer.
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