Reports before release of Hero Siege version 3 have been archived and live bugtracker is now cleared. We decided to do the reset to clean up duplicates and old reports that are no longer valid and to make searching easier. If you had a valid open issue before the reset, please submit it again.
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Not set 000294 Hero Siege - Online multiplayer Crash New Clear box (compensation) generation location error 2019-12-07 14:20:34
Not set 000293 Hero Siege - Online multiplayer Major New Disconected 2019-11-28 03:30:16
Not set 000292 Hero Siege - Singleplayer Not set New Cant pick up keys 2019-11-12 12:28:27
Not set 000291 Hero Siege - Online multiplayer Major New Cant Restore Purchase 2019-10-29 19:02:15
Not set 000290 Hero Siege - Online multiplayer Not set New multiplay - runes and dice... deosnt trade well 2019-10-27 12:28:33
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0002942019-12-07 14:20:34LOKI0330New issue
0002932019-11-28 03:30:16El MameitorNew issue
0002922019-11-12 12:28:27SlurgNew issue
0002912019-10-29 19:02:15itzmebirdyNew issue
0002902019-10-27 12:28:33KurtanaNew issue
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